Jet Lag: The Game

Adam Chase is co-creator and co-star of Jet Lag: The Game, a travel competition show that turns the world into a game board. On Jet Lag, he has — among other things — circumnavigated the globe in 100 hours, played capture the flag across Japan, and driven from the top to the bottom of New Zealand in a 1995 convertible that gave him back problems. Before developing Jet Lag, Adam wrote videos for the edutainment channel Half as Interesting, co-wrote and assistant directed a documentary series about remote places, and made various pieces of online and offline comedy that garnered no attention at all.


Ben Doyle is a writer and producer for Wendover Productions. He is best known for his work on the YouTube channels Half as Interesting and Jet Lag: The Game, which he co-created alongside Adam Chase and Sam Denby.


Sam Denby is a filmmaker, digital content creator, and podcaster. He is best known for creating the YouTube channels Wendover Productions, Jet Lag: The Game, and Half as Interesting, whose videos have been viewed over a billion times. In addition, he has directed numerous documentaries and game shows; co-founded and acts as Chief Content Officer of Nebula, a creator-owned streaming service with over half a million paid subscribers; and co-owns Standard, one of the largest talent management companies representing digital creators.