Jordan Howlett

Jordan Howlett, also known as 'Jordan The Stallion' on social media, is a globally recognized content creator and celebrity with a staggering fan base of over 30 million across various platforms. His TikTok channel alone boasts over 12 million followers and consistently attracts more than 90 million views each month.

Jordan's grounded nature and genuine authenticity resonate deeply with his audience, fostering a robust and loyal community. His wisdom, often perceived as beyond his years, makes his content engaging and relatable, establishing a strong connection with his fans. His talents have been recognized on platforms such as the Today Show, The New York Times, Yahoo!, MSN, Mashed, NY Post, LAD Bible, among many others.

Creator Track

Fewer Likes, More Love

Location: Room 204

Saturday, June 29

2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

Featuring: Illumitati, Jordan Howlett, Novaakan3 and more

This for-creators, by-creators panel reveals the art of being real and why authenticity is a creator's greatest currency. Discover how Snap Stars are uniquely leveraging Snapchat's culture of realness to foster genuine connections beyond the "likes" to monetize their content and build a community.