Colin and Samir

Colin and Samir are YouTube creators and podcasters who break down the latest in the creator economy from a creator's perspective. They’re building a roadmap to help guide and educate the next generation of creative entrepreneurs through interviews with top creators, industry analysis, and news.

Industry Track

The End of the Beginning: Theorist’s Next Era

Location: Ballroom AB

Thursday, June 27

9:45 am - 10:15 am

Featuring: MatPat, Stephanie Patrick, Colin and Samir

Matt and Stephanie Patrick kick off VidCon’s Industry Track with a can’t-miss candid conversation about their journey as entrepreneurs and leaders of a multi-faceted media company on the precipice of a generational shift. How have they built Theorist into a brand with lasting impact? What’s on the horizon for their media empire, and what are the implications of this new era on the overall creator landscape?


Community Track

How to Edit like an Artist (& Still Make Money on YouTube)

Location: Trending Stage

Thursday, June 27

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Featuring: Colin and Samir, Hayden Hillier-Smith

Colin and Samir interview Hayden Hillier-Smith about the intersection of artistry and entrepreneurship on YouTube. As filmmakers with 10+ years of experience, they've all found the balance between retention editing and creative expression. Colin, Samir, and Hayden will discuss editing as a creative practice, what sets great editors apart, and how to balance the demands of YouTube with the desire to make art.