Amanda Lehan-Canto (Smosh)

Amanda Lehan-Canto is an actor / voiceover actor and a Sunday Company Alumni at The Groundlings Theater. She is a regular cast member on the YouTube channel, SMOSH, as well as a host / producer of the podcast, Smosh Mouth. She is also performing monthly with her Maude team, Tracksuit, at UCB and also performing her solo show, Keep it Together, Woman! right here in Los Angeles.

Community Track

Live Podcast: Smosh Mouth

Location: ROOM 213

Friday, June 28

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Featuring: Ian Hecox

Join Shayne Topp (short), Amanda Lehan-Canto (tall), and a Smosh friend for this exclusive live episode as they discuss what’s on their minds, what they’ve found on the internet, and other dumb ideas they’re cooking up.