Brent Rivera

Brent Rivera is a 24-year-old content creator residing in Huntington Beach, California. With nearly 96 million followers across all social media channels, Brent is a household name. Brent has been a digital creator for the past decade; after gaining popularity on Vine, he developed an audience on all socials and is now incubating the next crop of digital stars.

Creator Track

From YouTube Channel to Successful Talent Studio

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Room 204

Friday, June 23

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Featuring: Brent Rivera, Evan Britton

Brent Rivera has been one of the most popular YouTubers over the past decade. A few years ago, he pivoted and co-founded Amp Studios, a creator collection of Brent and Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart, and several others. Together, they generate over 500 million long-form YouTube views per month and roughly 3 billion total views per month across all platforms. Learn more about what inspired this shift and how Rivera discovered success through collaboration.


Industry Track

Creator-Entrepreneurs & the Next-Gen Media Marketplace

Duration: 25 minutes

Location: Industry Track Mainstage

Thursday, June 22

12:50 pm - 1:15 pm

Featuring: Brent Rivera, Max Levine, Dylann Sands and more

Could the next Disney be born out of the creator economy? The rapid growth of Amp Studios points to the answer being “definitely, maybe.” By incubating talent and building diverse, vertically-integrated revenue streams across platforms, programming, personalities, and products, Amp Founders Brent Rivera and Max Levine seem to have crafted the blueprint of a modern media company. Join panelists for a look under the hood of creator-driven media businesses to explore the impact of companies like Amp Studios on the overall digital landscape.


Community Track

AMP World Takeover

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Arena

Friday, June 23

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Featuring: Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart and more

Join your favorite squad all in one place! Anything can happen during this creator’s choice session, so come prepared for fun.