Nathan Graber-Lipperman


Nathan Graber-Lipperman is a writer for The Publish Press, a newsletter publication read by 110k+ creators and operators. He's also a contributor on The Colin and Samir Show and previously was the founder of Creator Mag, the first print zine dedicated to covering the creator economy.

Creator Track

A Crash Course on Hank & John Green

Location: Room 204

Friday, June 28

1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Featuring: Hank Green, John Green, Nathan Graber-Lipperman

You'd be forgiven if you forgot all of the things John and Hank Green have done over the last two decades. Between building Complexly, publishing nine books combined, and yes, starting VidCon, the history of the Vlogbrothers has been an odyssey in and of itself. Therefore, in typical Crash Course fashion, we'll pack a lot of that history into this fireside conversation — getting John and Hank's perspective on the impact of Crash Course as it nears 2 billion lifetime views, how the scope of their nonprofit work has evolved over the last decade, and what other creators can take away from the brothers' wide-ranging legacy.