Sophie Lightning Jamison


Sophie "Lightning" Jamison is a rising social media star and the Chief TikTok Officer at Made By Gather. She runs her own personal TikTok account with over two million followers and three accounts for MBG including Crux, Bella, and Beautiful by Drew Barrymore. Sophie is unapologetically herself and has created an internet presence by living her truth. Named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2024, Sophie is striving to make her role more commonplace and institute positive change at corporations. She resides in Rhode Island, spending her free time surfing, hiking, and kayaking with friends and family.

Industry Track

Creator Careers & the New Executive Talent Pool

Location: Ballroom AB

Thursday, June 27

11:05 am - 11:30 am

Featuring: Sophie Lightning Jamison, Matt Story, Timm Chiusano and more

Join this panel of creators and executives to unpack the breadth and depth of career paths available to creators. Creators who’ve crossed the chasm to become executives share insight into their journey, and executives from traditional industries dig into how employers should think about finding and retaining creator talent. Find out what’s required for all stakeholders — creators, hiring companies, and managers — to thrive in a world where creator skillsets are hugely valuable to multiple industries.


Creator Track

Elevating Your Content While Embracing Your Career

Location: Room 210

Friday, June 28

12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Featuring: Timm Chiusano, Sophie Lightning Jamison, JT Barnett and more

Are you trying to venture into content creation while managing the responsibilities of your 9 – 5 grind? Or perhaps you find your career fulfilling and aspire to weave your professional expertise into your content. Timm Chiusano does just that, and is here to guide you! Uncover the secrets of crafting and publishing content that authentically represents who you are and what you do best.