Tom Robinson

Creative Director / Host of Game Theory

Tom Robinson is the Creative Director and new Host of Game Theory, continuing a 13 year long legacy of over analyzing the math, science, and history hidden within video games. Prior to this, Tom started his career working in television for titans of the industry like Fox and Disney, writing, directing, and producing promotional material for shows like American Dad, Lucifer, and Bluey, as well as many others. However he always knew YouTube was his passion, and during the many budget cuts of 2020, he reached out to Matpat with a cold email asking to join the team. He auditioned, and became a part of the freelance writing team, which would go on to win a Streamy Award for Best Writing in 2021. That same year Tom was brought on full time and continues to fall deeper and deeper into the madness the channel has to offer.

Community Track

GTLive, Live from VidCon!

Location: Trending Stage

Thursday, June 27

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Featuring: MatPat, Stephanie Patrick, Tom Robinson and more

This is your chance to catch the whole cast of Team Theorist live on the VidCon stage! This IRL variety show has everything — from live theorizing to puzzle solving and minute-to-win-it challenges for MatPat and new Theorist channel hosts Amy, Santi, Lee, and Tom. Don’t miss out — they’ll need YOU to help them complete all the insane activities and win bragging rights for the rest of the year!