Matt Raekelboom


Matt Raekelboom is an internationally known educator, content creator, and public speaker primarily known for his work in the neurodiverse and mental health space. Matt happily teaches the "Why" of our brains/behaviors while delivering his message with a unique brand and optimism, excitement, and passion that all started with his story of drastically changing his own life.

Community Track

Stay Lit, Not Overwhelmed: Thriving Digitally with Autism & ADHD

Location: Amplify Stage

Friday, June 28

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Featuring: Matt Raekelboom, The Aspie World, Boze and more

Ever feel like the algorithm is gaslighting you? Join a cohort of experienced and diverse friends as we dive into the wild world of the internet through an Autistic/ADHD lens. Learn how to unleash your inner beast mode as we explore the following: 

  • Sensory Superpowers: Harnessing tech to manage overwhelm and boost focus 
  • Social Media Survival Guide: Avoiding meltdowns, navigating trolls, and building a supportive online community 
  • Content Creation Confidence: Embracing your unique perspective and thriving in the algorithm jungle 
  • Mental Health Hacks: Prioritizing self-care and building resilience in the digital age 

Whether you're a seasoned creator or just dipping your toes online, this talk is for you! Leave with actionable tips, relatable stories, and a toolkit to rock the online world on your own terms.