Nico is a Minecraft content creator who likes to play with his friends Cash, Zoey, Shady and Mia!

Community Track

The Big Reveal: Cash & Nico IRL

Location: Festival Stage Sponsored by Disney's Descendants: The Rise of Red

Wednesday, June 26

5:10 pm - 5:50 pm

Featuring: Cash, Nico

Come watch the Cash & Nico crew’s exciting face reveal LIVE at VidCon during this fun session where they’ll play games with fans — and potentially send you home with prizes!


Community Track

Dive into the Stream

Location: Trending Stage

Friday, June 28

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Featuring: Matthew Harris, Jack Manifold, Eret and more

In 2024, there’s no shortage of platform options for hosting your livestream. In fact, you can even run a stream on multiple platforms at the same time! Hear from your favorite streamers as they break down their favorite platforms, their setups, how they got started, and the unique advantages of this format over recorded and edited content.


Creator Track

Gaming Culture: A Community Built to Last

Location: Room 204

Saturday, June 29

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Featuring: Skip the Tutorial, Ethobot, Cash and more

In the evolving landscape of gaming, building a community that stands the test of time requires more than just shared interests and gameplay videos; it demands a foundation of authenticity, inclusivity, and genuine engagement. In this panel we bring together some of the most exciting gamers to explore the pillars of creating and nurturing a lasting community and what it takes to build a loyal fan base.