Marissa Hill

Marissa Hill is an Executive Producer at Shade Studios and Host at ShadeTV, the largest female-led channel on sneakers, fashion, and hype culture.

A student of the William Esper Studio and Deena Levy Theatre Studio, Marissa is a fashion model, former NCAA Volleyball player, actress and broadcast and media host. She is featured in the ABC News Studios docuseries Grails, focused on the rise of hype sneaker culture in golf with Eastside Golf and Jordan Brand.

Marissa was a featured speaker for YouTube at VidCon 2023 in Anaheim regarding monetization best practices on the platform.

A staple on both sides of the red carpet, Marissa has interviewed a diverse group of talent including Jennifer Lopez, Jason Schwartzman, Lucy Lawless, Sue Bird, Coco Gauff, Perry Farrell, Takeo Spikes, Taylor Townsend, John Early, John Roberts, Jeff Staple, and more.

Although a video-first creator, Shade Studios launched an editorial desk with staff writers in 2023, covering film, television, music, and pop culture.

Creator Track

From Influencer to Business Owner

Location: Room 207CD

Thursday, June 27

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Featuring: Aaliyah Arnold, Marissa Hill, dukelovestaxes and more

Ever wondered how an influencer manages to make millions online? This isn’t just a fantasy — you can do it, too! Explore the strategies and stories of creators who are using their authentic connections with their audience to not only build personal brands, but to create impact in the business world. From navigating the challenges of niche markets to establishing meaningful collaborations, this session empowers you to harness the power of influence and entrepreneurship, regardless of your audience size!