Madison Luscombe


Madison is a public relations specialist with an unwavering commitment to nurturing strong, lasting relationships with her clients. Her approach to content creation is rooted in authenticity, ensuring that every piece she crafts not only represents but also empowers the essence of each creator and brand she touches.

With 2 Social Co, Madison has harnessed the power of creators like Taryn Hicks, Anna Daly, Melanie Wilking, and Cost 'n Mayor and their ability to connect with audiences deeper, building trust that drives substantial business growth. She understands that in this ever-evolving landscape, success hinges on not only what you create but also how you connect.

At The Creator Society, Madison is on a mission to revolutionize the landscape for creators. Her relentless dedication is channeled into developing best practices that empower creators to implement top-tier affiliate strategies, seamlessly blending them with traditional brand collaborations.

Madison is a proud alumna of Texas Tech University, where she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations degree in 2016.

Industry Track

Affiliate Marketing: No Longer a "Dirty Word"

Location: Ballroom D

Friday, June 28

10:35 am - 11:15 am

Featuring: Larry Shapiro, Madison Luscombe, Sally Phelps and more

This panel will explore the explosion of affiliate marketing as a major source of revenue for creators. Hear from a creator making six figures a month and managers building out their clients’ affiliate pipelines to brands and platforms who are evolving how they intersect with creators today and companies who look to move further down the conversion funnel. This panel will feature the entire ecosystem to learn and to be successful in this revenue stream.