Tips Out


Tips Out is a co-founder and the current CEO of OTK Media. Specializing in gaming/gaming-adjacent ventures, Tips has founded and scaled a number of creator-led businesses including leading systems integrator Starforge Systems, Mythic Talent Management, and Mad Mushroom Media, an indie games publisher co-founded by gaming's largest streamers. Formerly a content creator himself, Tips sits at the intersection of business and influence and understands the value that creators can bring to new projects.

Industry Track

Blurred Lines: When Content Creation & Entrepreneurship Converge

Location: 304ABC

Thursday, June 27

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm

Featuring: Eric Wei (@trykarat), Jason Y. Lee, Tips Out and more

The next billion-dollar business will be built by entrepreneurs who’ve morphed their content and communities into scalable marketing machines — but not for the benefit of brand partners. These innovators are making content the cornerstone of marketing for their own standalone companies and products, ultimately building such big businesses that it’s no longer clear whether to call them creators, founders, or something entirely new! Hear from the people driving this shift, and blurring the lines between creators, founders, and pioneers of a new business era.