Shon Niswanger

Lead Editor

Shon serves as the Lead Editor for Dude Perfect, one of YouTube’s longest standing and most trusted brands with over 60 million subscribers. In his role there, he leads the editing efforts for the channel’s bi-weekly videos. In his four years with Dude Perfect, Shon has worked in various capacities spanning all across the different areas of production. Prior to his tenure at Dude Perfect, Shon honed his skills in sports video production with stops at Texas A&M, ESPN, the Seattle Mariners, and the Dallas Stars.

Creator Track

From Creator to CEO: Building Your Dream Team

Location: Room 202

Thursday, June 27

12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

Featuring: Hayden Hillier-Smith, Sherry Wong, JT Casey and more

Every creator’s journey starts the same. You spend days upon days filming, scriptwriting, designing, and editing — all by yourself. Eventually, a crucial juncture arises: hire a team and embrace delegation or face burnout. Get tips from some of the fastest-growing creators on how and when to make your first hire, scaling content, and sourcing talent for your team. On the flip side, hear about the experiences of those who have worked with some of the biggest creators in the world — the good, the bad, and everything in-between. Remember, your favorite creators have embraced teamwork — it’s time you do, too.