Brian McManus (Real Engineering)


Brian McManus is the creator of the YouTube channel "Real Engineering”. Real Engineering is one of the most popular engineering focused shows on the internet. Building on the success of this valuable niche, Brian has launched several related businesses, including an animation studio that has worked with high profile engineering companies, and an engineering recruitment service. Brian is also co-founder of Nebula, a creator-owned streaming service with over half a million subscribers, and co-owns Standard, one of the largest talent management companies representing digital creators.

Creator Track

From Influencer to Business Owner

Location: Room 207CD

Thursday, June 27

11:15 am - 12:00 pm

Featuring: Aaliyah Arnold, Marissa Hill, dukelovestaxes and more

Ever wondered how an influencer manages to make millions online? This isn’t just a fantasy — you can do it, too! Explore the strategies and stories of creators who are using their authentic connections with their audience to not only build personal brands, but to create impact in the business world. From navigating the challenges of niche markets to establishing meaningful collaborations, this session empowers you to harness the power of influence and entrepreneurship, regardless of your audience size!