Steph Grasso

Steph Grasso is a Registered Dietitian and influential figure in the realm of nutrition and healthy living, captivating a dedicated following of over 2.2 million on social media platforms. Her passion for empowering others to embrace healthier lifestyle choices and culinary exploration is evident in her engaging content.

She is known for delivering digestible videos that educate viewers on balanced eating and lifestyle. Steph uses her expertise and comedy to provide evidence-based nutrition advice and debunk trending nutrition myths. She is well known for her grocery guides and meal prep tips and has helped many of her followers develop a healthier relationship with food.

Steph's expertise has earned her features on prominent media outlets such as Good Morning America, Good Day LA, Health Digest, NBC, among others. She frequently contributes to editorial pieces for publications like POPSUGAR, Well + Good, and The Washington Post. Her culinary expertise was showcased on the Rachel Ray show, spotlighting savvy and budget-friendly healthy eating habits.

Beyond her media appearances, Steph is set to launch her first cookbook in 2025, a testament to her dedication to sharing nutritious and delicious recipes with her audience.

Steph earned both her bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise from Virginia Tech. With her multifaceted approach blending expertise, humor, and culinary creativity, Steph Grasso continues to inspire and guide millions toward a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.