Adam Rose

Adam Rose is an actor, writer, and director with a huge digital footprint. In the past year, Adam has amassed an enormous social media following. With over 7 million followers, he’s one of the most prominent creators on TikTok, known for his viral comedy videos and dances. He’s partnered with brands like Amazon, Comcast, Royal Caribbean, Toyota, and many more. On the acting side, Adam recently recurred on NBC’s New Amsterdam. Before that he starred in the Netflix comedy series Merry Happy Whatever, and then recurred on Carol’s Second Act and LA’S Finest and has appeared in over 30 other TV shows. On the film side, Adam has worked with directors such as Noah Baumbach, Jason Reitman, and Kenneth Lonergan. As a writer, Adam sold his first pilot, PISSED, to Warner Bros. His short film, QUEEN, which he wrote and directed, screened at over 50 film festivals and won several awards.

Community Track

Crown the Creators: Spit Take

Location: Festival Stage Sponsored by Disney's Descendants: The Rise of Red

Wednesday, June 26

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm

Featuring: HappyKelli, soupytime, LonnieIIV and more

Help us kick off VidCon’s Crown the Creators Tournament during this hilarious try-not-to-laugh game! Cheer on your favorite creator as they try to maintain their poker face while reminiscing on the past year’s funniest viral videos.


Industry Track

Ending the Stream vs Mainstream Debate

Location: Anaheim Ballroom C

Friday, June 28

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

Featuring: Alan Chikin Chow, Adam Rose, JT Casey and more

Digitally native creators are forging new paths, with careers that simultaneously span social media and more traditional forms of entertainment, including film, television, and print media. No longer is digital considered a jumping off point that should be “graduated” from — today’s multi-talented creators are building multi-platform careers, ultimately changing the nature of media and entertainment forever. How do these creators think holistically about the content they create, and about connecting authentically with their fans regardless of platform or context? Find out during this insightful conversation.


Creator Track

From Indie to Industry: Working with Studios

Location: Room 210

Friday, June 28

5:15 pm - 6:00 pm

Featuring: Rachel Pizzolato, Che Jim, Leo González and more

Ever wondered how to work with big studios? In this panel we are joined by creators who are collaborating and working with traditional media studios and streaming platforms. From navigating creative partnerships to adapting workflows, our panelists share firsthand experiences of transitioning from independent content creation to partnering with larger traditional and digital studios. Discover the nuances, challenges, and impacts on their content production processes as they explore the intersection of creativity and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of media production.