Pierson Wodzynski

Pierson Wodzynski is a 25 year old content creator who has grown her audience to over 20 million followers across social media in the past few years. Through her family friendly comedic content and acting background, Pierson has established herself as a prominent digital creator and female entrepreneur. Pierson has a unique ability to add her own creative spin on trends and prides herself on positivity and inclusivity.

Industry Track

Creators + Fans: How Passion Pays off on YouTube

Location: Ballroom AB

Thursday, June 27

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Featuring: Amjad Hanif, Kevin Allocca, Pierson Wodzynski

Join Kevin Allocca, Global Director of Culture and Trends, and Amjad Hanif, VP of Product Management for YouTube Creators, for the YouTube keynote. Hear about the incredible products, trends, and fan communities that are transforming the creator economy to bring new opportunities for creation, connection, and career building on YouTube.


Community Track

Crown the Creators: Girl Math

Location: Festival Stage Sponsored by Disney's Descendants: The Rise of Red

Friday, June 28

1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

Featuring: Alicia Mccarvell, Ash, Nihachu and more

Not buying something while it’s on sale is basically flushing cash down the drain, right?! That’s the vibe of this challenge, where each team will take items of equal value and employ some creative Girl Math to prove each item is practically free. Whether it’s adding more items to your order to avoid shipping fees or buying concert tickets so far in advance that it feels like you didn’t buy them at all, it's all about whose Girl Math rationale is the most convincing!