VidCon’s Industry Track is where the business and commercial aspects of the creator economy take center stage. Creators and industry leaders who help creators produce, monetize, and scale, and executives from the broader marketing, media, and technology landscape come together for networking and peer-to-peer learning.

Programming explores emerging trends, optimal strategies, and actionable tactics for generating economic value in the creator economy — by creators and their partners, as well as traditional stakeholders in entertainment, marketing, retail, and beyond.


VidCon’s 2024 Industry Track Theme:
The Creator Economy Comes of Age

With the peak of a frothy hype cycle behind us, the creator economy is entering a new era. What began as a disruptive force driven by independent content creators, is now a sophisticated, multibillion-dollar industry firmly entrenched as a market force and core part of the global economy.

But growing up always comes with some growing pains.

Creator-led companies are becoming complex corporate enterprises with multiple channels, products, and services, while building new operating playbooks in real time. Macroeconomic headwinds hint at a potential industry shakeout on the horizon. Emerging technology — especially AI — is beginning to fundamentally reshape content creation and the business world at large.

How can we address these growing pains and make sure the end result is a healthy, mature, and sustainable ecosystem?

At VidCon’s 2024 Industry Track, pioneering creators and industry leaders from entertainment, marketing, retail, and more take the stage to share insights and ideas about what’s on the horizon and what it will take to thrive as the creator economy comes of age.

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The ‘Adulting’ of the Creator Economy

What it means to be a “creator” has broadened to the point of demanding language and business frameworks that don’t yet exist, and companies built by on-screen talent are morphing into complex corporate entities that often lack the institutional infrastructure required to operate at scale. These sessions unpack the terminologies, playbooks, and practices needed as we enter this new era.

Commerce & Retail in a Creator-First World

Creators and community-first media have upended the dynamics of traditional retail by launching bespoke products and services or partnering with retailers and consumer brands in innovative ways. These sessions explore challenges and opportunities for creator entrepreneurs and unpack what it means for commerce and retail in the year to come.

Evolution of Entertainment & Streaming: Niche Content, New Monetization Models, Global Audiences

Creators have been a disruptive force in the traditional entertainment landscape. What implications does this have for the future of production, distribution, and deal-making? What role will technology play in addressing audiences with global scale but niche interests? These sessions explore today’s entertainment landscape, and unpack changing audience dynamics, new monetization strategies, and more.

Money Matters: Macroeconomics, Venture Capital, PE

Macroeconomic headwinds and changes in the investment landscape make interest from private equity and consolidation or rollups more likely for the creator economy. How will this shake out and what will it take to avoid the pitfalls of burst bubbles from past cycles? These sessions explore today’s economic realities, and unpack what’s on the horizon for a mature creator economy.

Next Gen Dynamics for Brands & Creators

The relationship between creators and brands has become more sophisticated, more strategic, and more complex. How are marketers thinking about the evolution from influencer marketing to creator marketing? Which partnership models are proving most effective, and how are all parties rethinking the evaluation of success? These sessions explore the future of marketing, and unpack new strategies for brands and creators.

AI & the Creator Economy: Possibilities & Potential Pitfalls

AI is transforming the creator economy, redefining the boundaries of creativity, and opening new opportunities for creative expression and the means of producing content. While brimming with potential, AI also introduces a host of challenges. This segment explores AI’s prospects and possible pitfalls, unpacking strategies for industry leaders to mitigate the risks associated with such a transformative technological advancement.


Creators ARE Industry

VidCon’s 2024 Industry Track reflects the reality of today’s ecosystem, with more creators and creator POVs embedded into the programming and experience. Featured Creators take the stage to share insights about their companies, business practices, and partners, and to dig into new ways they’re thinking about and interfacing with traditional media, marketing, retail, entertainment, and more.

Easier to Navigate, Leaving More Time to Do Business

With more strategically-scheduled programming, enhanced topic and session tagging, and fewer concurrently-running sessions, it’s easier than ever to identify and attend the content you’re most interested in. This means more networking time!

Industry Track Podcast Theater

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