Matthew Patrick, aka MatPat, is YouTube's most famous overthinker. With over 40 million subscribers, 8 billion total views, and 120 million monthly views, his network of Theory channels are a modern-day Mythbusters, educating viewers while unearthing the secrets behind gaming, food, film, and fashion. His creative work also spans larger-scale productions like Go90's reality competition The Runner, the YouTube Premium series Game Lab, and a yearly live charity event which has, in three years, raised over $6 million dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. He's a 16-time Streamy nominee and 7-time winner in categories as diverse as Writing and Editing to VR and 360-storytelling. He's also a respected digital strategist who, over the last decade, has shaped the online conversation around influencer culture, the evolution of online video, and data-driven optimization.