Sandra 'Jeenie.Weenie' Kwon is a successful full-time content creator with a background in the hospitality and airline industries. Jeenie gained popularity on TikTok by sharing entertaining and relatable skits, travel tips, and stories from her time as a flight attendant. Jeenie now manages multiple social media channels with over 20 million followers. Her captivating storytelling and broad audience appeal make her a sought-after collaborator in the digital media landscape landing her deals with Apple, Netflix, Procter & Gamble, Tim Hortons, Amazon, Lenovo, Emirates, and much more.


Aside from her airline-related content, Jeenie also enjoys creating fun and family-themed content. Her 'My Korean Mom' character brings humor and cultural insights, while 'Mini Jeenie' adventures provide entertaining content for her audience. Additionally, Jeenie shares family humor and anecdotes featuring her husband Johnny, their weenie dog Dexter, and their newborn Nari on their family channel,


Beyond content creation, Sandra has participated in numerous panels and has been featured in prominent media outlets, discussing topics ranging from business and marketing to family and mental health.