Peng Peng is a content creator, singer, actress, and host who is making a name for herself after leaving the gymnastics world. She was seen on the new Nickelodeon series WARPED as Princess DerpyDerp. She’s best known as the 2012 honorary Canadian Olympic team captain and 2018 NCAA National Champion from UCLA. Additionally, she was the World Championship Finalist, World Cup Gold Medalist, 2018 Honda Sport Award Winner, and PAC-12 Athlete of the year, and overall achieved 10 perfect 10’s while competing at UCLA.

Transitioning off the beam, Peng has made her way into the world of content creation, gaining mass recognition amongst followers and quickly capturing the attention of highly recognized brands. Outside of creating content, Peng has recently hosted events like the 2021 USA Gymnastics National Championships and USA Olympic Trials. She’s also appeared on-screen and won Twitch and Amazon Prime’s Ultimate Crown Fire & Ice Edition competition.